Rubber grip. Noiseless tool. Magazine loading capacity 120 pcs in a slab. Length of clinching anvils 46.50 mm. Inner diameter of hog ring when closed 7.80 mm. PRESSURE: 60 - 100 psi


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1 FMS AC01001 Set Screw  
3 FMS AC01003 Shakeproof lock Washer  
4 FMS AC01004 Air Deflector  
5 FMS AC01005 Rear Valve Seat  
6 FMS AC01006 O-Ring  
7 FMS AC01007 Throttle Spring  
8 FMS AC01008 Throttle Spring Locator  
9 FMS AC01009 Throttle Valve Screw  
10 FMS AC01010 Valve Screw Washer  
11 FMS AC01011 O-Ring Support  
12 FMS AC01012 O-Ring  
13 FMS AC01013 O-Ring Center Support  
14 FMS AC01014 Throttle Valve Spacer  
16 FMS AC01016 Front Valve Seat  
17 FMS AC01017 Throttle Stem  
18   AC01018 Button Head Cap Screw  
20   AC01020 Trigger Guard  
21 FMS AC01021 Flexloc Nut  
23   AC01023 Stud  
27   AC01027 Housing  
28   AC01028 Set Screw  
29 FMS AC01029 O-Ring  
30 FMS AC01030 Piston  
31 FMS AC01031 Cylinder Gasket  
32   AC01032 Piston Stop Spacer  
36 FMS AC01036 Roll Pin  
37 FMS AC01037 Trigger  
39 FMS AC01039 Socket Head Cap Screw  
40 FMS AC04040 Upper Jaw  
41 FMS AC01041 Jaw Bushing  
43 FMS AC01043 Latch Pin Clip  
44 FMS AC01044 Latch Spring  
45 FMS AC03045 Latch  
46 FMS AC01046 Roller  
47 FMS AC03047 Feeder Blade  
48 FMS AC03048 Piston Rod  
49 FMS AC01049 Roller Pin  
50 FMS AC04050 Lower Jaw  
51   AC01051 Feeder Arm  
56 FMS AC01056 Washer  
57 FMS AC01057 Nut  
58 FMS AC01058 Screw  
59   AC01059 Inlet Bushing S3120PMA
64 FMS AC01064 Socket Head Cap Screw  
67 FMS AC01067 Nut  
68 FMS AC02068 Pusher  
69 FMS AC01069 Extruded Rivet  
70 FMS AC01070 Pusher Spring  
71   AC01071 Button Head Screw  
73 FMS AC02073 Magazine Body PLASTIC  
73 FMS AC02M073 Magazine Body ALUMINIUM  
74   AC02074 Jaw Bolt  
75 FMS AC02075 Magazine Spring  
76 FMS AC02076 Magazine Shoe  
76 FMS AC02M076 Magazine Shoe NEW  
77 FMS AC02077 Roll Pin  
78   AC01078 Magazine Shim  
79 FMS AC01079 Washer  
80 FMS AC02080 Guard Screw  
81   AC02081 Guard      
82 FMS AC02082 Clip Anti-Backup  
83 FMS AC02083 Screw  
86   AC01086 Plate Screw  
89 FMS AC01089 Flexloc Nut  
204   AC02204 Feeder Guid Rail  
35L   AC0135L Side Plate (Left)  
35R   AC0135R Side Plate (Right)  
78A   AC0178A Magazine Shim  
One Sheeter

CAR SEATS To fix seat cover to metal springs
 MATTRESSES To fix inner lining to metal springs