SKU: K-10
Exciting news from Kaymo! We're delighted to unveil our latest innovation: the K-10 Hand Tacker.

Crafted with a robust full metal body and equipped with a handle lock for added safety, the K-10 boasts a sturdy full steel handle and a convenient staples viewing window. Compatible with 23series staples 23/6, 23/8 & 23/10.

- Compact in size
- Lightweight, the K-10 is a breeze to handle
- Sturdy - Easy to use
This tool is perfect for various applications as Its versatility shines through in tasks such as repairing two-wheeler seats, modular kitchen installations, furniture repairs (including chairs and sofas), labeling, artist canvas work, screen printing, mandap decoration, and flex/banner installations.

Experience the ease and efficiency of the K-10 Hand Tacker – your go-to tool for a wide range of tasks.


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One Sheeter
CHAIRS To fix fabric/leather upholstery on to the wooden base/frame of chairs
INTERIORS To fix leather /veneer onto the wooden frames
MODULAR KITCHENS To fix veneer onto the wooden frames
SOFAS To fix fabric/leather upholstery onto the wooden frame
LABELLING To fix packing slips and shipping labels onto the outside of wooden crates/boxes
ARTIST CANVAS To fix the stretched canvas onto the wooden frames.
PLYWOOD AND VENEERS To join 3mm core veneer together in plywood manufacturing
SCREEN PRINTING To fix plastic screens onto the wooden frame in screen printing