Introducing Kaymo's latest innovation in packaging tools - The Roll Air Boxer PRO-RAB-T18C - Designed specifically for the packaging industry, this pneumatic tool is perfect for closing cartons from the top.
- Load More Do More - With an impressive high staple carrying capacity of 1000 staples at a time, it ensures uninterrupted efficient packaging .
- Not only is the Roll Air Boxer user-friendly, but it also prioritizes safety during operation.
- Compared to other carton staplers, this automated tool significantly reduces packaging time, allowing businesses to increase productivity and meet tight deadlines.
- Staples can be stored easily as they are in roll form and standard carton packing.
- Exclusively available at Kaymo, the T-series staples, including the T18C 18mm are a perfect match for the Roll Air Boxer PRO-RABT18C.
- The T-series staples can be stored easily as it comes in a roll form and standard carton packing.
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