Exciting news from Kaymo! We're delighted to unveil our latest innovation: the K-10 Hand Tacker.

Crafted with a robust full metal body and equipped with a handle lock for added safety, the K-10 boasts a sturdy full steel handle and a convenient staples viewing window. Compatible with 23series staples 23/6, 23/8 & 23/10.

- Compact in size
- Lightweight, the K-10 is a breeze to handle
- Sturdy - Easy to use
This tool is perfect for various applications as Its versatility shines through in tasks such as repairing two-wheeler seats, modular kitchen installations, furniture repairs (including chairs and sofas), labeling, artist canvas work, screen printing, mandap decoration, and flex/banner installations.

Experience the ease and efficiency of the K-10 Hand Tacker – your go-to tool for a wide range of tasks.
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